6 Unusual Places for Remote Work

Diana Nădejde

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Viita Unusual Places for Remote Work

Teleworking has quickly become the “new norm”, especially in the IT sector, digital marketing, or customer support. In fact, it is estimated that approximately 73% of teams will have remote employees by 2028. Thanks to advances in technology, most work software is accessible from anywhere on any device. As long as there is a stable internet connection, remote workers can perform their tasks (almost) anywhere.

So why not replace the classic office with various unusual locations, which could really stimulate your creativity? You will find below some places to consider when you need a new perspective on work:

1. In the middle of the forest

The Finnish city of Lahti, also designated the European Green Capital in 2021, has taken the concept of remote work to a whole new level: setting up a number of outdoor offices to remind its citizens of both the beauty and calming effect of nature.

The design itself evokes Finnish traditions. Named Viita, they are unique from a creative perspective and differ from traditional camping tables due to their functions, specially designed for remote work. 

At the same time, Finland is known to be a pioneer in terms of flexibility in the workplace and employee well-being, even before the pandemic. Lahti also encourages other organizations to set up workstations in nature for common use.

Viita workstations

2. A tent

When you want something else, even a tent can improve your productivity. The Japanese railway company Tokyu used, for example, three special tents and tarpaulins in order to offer its employees the opportunity to work in a different environment to increase the contribution of original ideas, outdoors.

Meeting rooms on the banks of the Tama River in Tokyo

3. At the Museum

The Katsushika Hokusai Art Museum in Japan launched its first coworking space earlier this year. In Europe, a French film producer plans to open a hybrid space in Brussels, both for remote work and for the presentation of his private art collection.

This type of initiative is not new: in 2017, the Museum of Applied Arts in Budapest organized a private coworking event, to which about a hundred people had access.

4. In shopping centres

A significant number of such centres have everything you need to consider them an interesting workspace for a few hours, such as free Wi-Fi, meals, cafes, hot and cold food bars.

Moreover, one of their advantages refers to being located in accessible public areas, thus making it easier to get to them or use them as a benchmark for client meetings.

5. The gym

Many gym chains also offer “lounge” zones where people might work together. In addition, it is well known that exercise improves mental health. Why not reward yourself with a little movement before or after your workhours?

For example, at Brooklyn Boulders Somerville, members carry out their professional tasks surrounded by various sports equipment, finding here a combination between a climbing gym and collaborative workspace. The facilities provided by the location include free Wi-Fi, a lounge area with couches, a common workspace, vertical offices with built-in pull-up bars and some recreation areas.

Brooklyn Boulders Somerville

6. On the stadium

A unique partnership involving the famous Paris Saint-Germain football club has resulted in the arrangement of coworking spaces at Parc des Princes, the legendary PSG stadium, in September 2021.

To make this possible, several boxes and stands, and even a portion of the lawn were turned into offices, meeting rooms and dining areas. During the event, about 500 people used the innovative workspaces.

What unusual locations for remote work have you discovered so far?

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