Andreea Baloi

I have always been passionate about the business world. The process of bringing together people that have never met before to give birth to an idea and grow it to become a global phenomenon is nothing short of a miracle. I always want to be close to those who have the courage, determination and vision to do it. In almost 20 years of work, I never stopped learning. I started with customer care and continued with program and project management, loved to work in business operations and did plenty of people management in all these roles. So I learned a lot about people: what motivates us, how work shapes our lives, what is good leadership, how we create teams that thrive and communities that endure. I realized that no matter how ambitious our goals are, at the end of the day, what is most important is being part of a company that we enjoy working for. And I decided that, wherever I find myself, I want to contribute to this feeling. So here I am, writing about it, hoping to make a difference in how we work. 

Articles written

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Andreea Băloi

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