Valeria Uzcategui

Who am I? It’s a philosophical question that we can leave for another time. But, I can tell you
what I do and how I am.
I’ve been a bilingual freelance writer for a year and a half, I started this journey believing
faithfully that words have the power to change everything. Each brand keeps a story and
knowing how to tell it is the secret to connecting with communities, at the end of the day words
are the bridge between a project and people
I write articles, blogs, microblogs, and copies. I’m passionate, enthusiastic, very organized, and
I spend my days in a cycle: I research, I write, I edit, I write (again) and between the breaks I
prepare many cups of coffee, would you like a cup?

Articles written

5 Trends That Will Dominate The Workplace This Year

Valeria Uzcategui

9 minute read