Upgrade the Work From Home Lifestyle for your Employees!

Did you send home your employees to work but yet they seem unhappy working from home and complaining they have hard times and can't focus on tasks?

You know how it feels, jumping from one call to another and right in the middle of the meeting...
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Sounds familiar?

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Offer your employees a back-up solution when they need a place to socialize, to focus or be creative.

It may be a day at a coworking hub, a coffee spot or a hotel lounge in the heart of the cities available in our network: Bucharest, Bogota, Madrid, Brasov, Barcelona, Medellin, Valencia or Lisbon.

One app, one solution, 250+ spaces to choose from to work remote or hybrid, individually or as a teams.

You decide what to offer your employees

We offer a flexible work solution, on-demand or subscription, without long-term obligations. The employees may work from anywhere they like and your company gets full visibility of your workforce distribution.
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About Pluria

Pluria is a network of flex spaces for employees: the employee can instantly book via the mobile app on-demand hot desks, meeting rooms or private offices, while the companies have control and transparency over the distributed workforce using the Company Admin platform.

We have more than 250 flexible spaces coworking hubs, hotel lounges, cafés) in Romania, Spain, Colombia, and Portugal that are accessed through a mobile app available in Google Play and AppStore.