Booking meeting rooms directly on the phone? Yes, it’s possible!

Anca Șerban

4 minutes read

The story was as follows: you needed a room for a meeting with some clients or an onboarding with your new colleagues, a nice place with a projector and everything else, plus catering and a pleasant atmosphere. Outside the office, to get the participants out of their daily routine.

This was the brief and then you started to look for places: on the web, among your friends, you asked for recommendations from colleagues, maybe you called some people. After you found 1 or 2 suitable spaces you had to ask for pictures, went to see the locations, requested the offer and negotiated the price, maybe you even had to look for another provider for the catering. If everything went well, you signed the contract and started to organize the event, send the invitations, give your participants the Google Maps link to find the address, and finally realized you don’t have parking for everyone or you don’t have parking at all (ups !).

Everything took … weeks in a row. It was even worse when you had to arrange a meeting in another city and you couldn’t check the space until the day of the event or the day before. A long, tiring and sometimes annoying process.

We offer you a faster and safer option, at a more advantageous cost: book meeting rooms and private offices directly from the Pluria mobile app! Download it, sign a contract with us and use the service only when you need it. You want a room for 6 people for tomorrow, with flipchart, video projector and preferably close to Unirii Square? Open the app, search for what you need and book directly on the phone. You can invite the participants right from the app and they will automatically receive all the necessary details about the meeting.

Oh, and you don’t have to worry that you have limited options: we have almost 100 meeting rooms and private offices in the largest Romanian cities and you can book any of them for a few hours or for a few days.

Interested? Register for early access so you can use the service whenever you need it!

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Written by Anca Șerban


Marketer and travel blogger, I specialized in “work from anywhere” in the past 3 years, traveling around the world and working remotely from other countries, whether it’s Latin America or Asia.

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