How to use coworking spaces for events

Patricia Borlovan

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Coworking spaces have become a popular choice for businesses. Entrepreneurs and freelancers are seeking a flexible and collaborative work environment.

Beyond just a place to work, coworking spaces also offer a range of benefits for organizing events. Coworking spaces provide a conducive environment for various events. From networking events to workshops and meetups, they accommodate a wide range of activities.

They offer a diverse and professional community, shared resources, flexibility, and community management. These can help attendees make meaningful connections and expand their networks. Here, you will find some elements to consider when checking a coworking space for a potential event:

A great place for communities.

Coworking spaces attract a diverse group of professionals from different industries and backgrounds. This can create a rich and varied networking environment that allows attendees to meet new people and expand their networks.

A collaborative environment.

Designed to encourage collaboration and productivity, this creates a great environment for workshops. During these events, participants are encouraged to work together, share ideas, and learn from one another.

A professional atmosphere.

This type of space has professional environments that encourage productivity and collaboration. A coworking space can create a positive and focused atmosphere. This can enhance the learning experience for participants.

A place for networking opportunities.

Many coworking spaces often have a diverse community of professionals from different industries. This creates opportunities for participants to meet new people, build relationships, and collaborate.

Shared resources to use effortlessly.

Coworking spaces often have shared resources.

Resources often include meeting rooms, event spaces, and amenities like coffee bars and lounges. These resources can provide a comfortable and functional environment for networking events.

Now that we’ve explored the many benefits of using a coworking space for events let’s dive into some practical steps to follow when organizing an event in a coworking space.

Whether you’re planning a workshop, meetup, or networking event, these tips can help ensure a smooth and successful event.

Find a coworking space that suits your event.

Explore the spaces available on Pluria, and find a coworking space that fits the size and style of your event. Some coworking spaces have meeting rooms or event spaces that can accommodate different group sizes.

Check availability and book the space.

Once you have identified a suitable coworking space, check the availability of the space for your preferred date and time.

Most coworking spaces have online booking systems that allow you to reserve the space and make payments online.

Plan your event with the coworking space management team.

It is important to communicate with the administration team of the coworking space. Before an event, ensure you have everything you need, such as equipment, furniture, and other necessary resources.

You may also need to discuss arrangements for catering or other services.

Set up the space & manage your event.

On the event day, arrive early to set up the space. Arrange furniture, equipment, and any other resources required for the event.

During the event, manage the attendees, keep the space organized, and ensure that the event runs smoothly.

Clean up and return the space to the coworking space team.

After the event, please clean up the space and return it to its original state. Leave the space clean and tidy for the coworking space staff to use.

Using coworking spaces for events is an efficient and cost-effective option. This can greatly impact your activity, especially if you organize small to medium-sized gatherings.

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