The benefit your team needs now

Offer to your employees the perk that improves productivity and helps them transition towards a hybrid work model: with the flexibility to work from anywhere, attract and retain the best talent for your company.

  • An easy-to-implement solution
  • Reduced costs, everything under your control
  • National coverage

The Perk That Helps Implement a Hybrid Work Regime

Talent attraction and retention

Offer your employees the perk that they need now
The flexibility to work from anywhere: from the company premises, from home, or from alternative spaces
Employer’s confidence in that their employees can perform from any type of space

Quick and easy implementation

Service activation within of one day of signing the contrac
No need to develop new infrastructure or processes specifically for hybrid work
Access the service through our mobile app

National coverage

Offer the same perk to all your employees
A network of flexible work spaces in the main cities of the country
Possibility to quickly affiliate new spaces in cities where our clients are located

Reduced costs, under your control

We provide you with the offer that best fits your company’s needs
Customized subscription for hot desk
Pay only for what you use when booking meeting rooms or private offices

Flexibility as a Perk for Employees from Innovative Industries

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The Only Solution That Facilitates the Adoption of a Hybrid Work Model 👏


A product built with the latest technologies, for the latest needs of the employees


An international solution, already used by companies in Romania, Spain, Portugal and Colombia


An infrastructure that can be instantly accessible

Frequently asked questions

What is Pluria?

Pluria is the “Airbnb for offices”, it offers the companies access to an extended network of spaces that can be used for working: coworking hubs, hotel lounges, cafés.

How do you use Pluria?

Pluria can be used through a mobile app, available in Google Play and App Store: you book your desk in the app, and then you are free to work from wherever you want within the limits of your subscription.

How can I offer Pluria to my employees?

Pluria is a company-only available service that enterprises can offer to their employees. 

Here is how you can offer Pluria to your employees:

1. You contact us by filling in the form above, make sure to give us all the necessary details;
2. We schedule a talk in order for us to better understand the needs of your company;
3. We send you a customized offer;
4. We sign the contract and activate your colleagues’ accounts;
5. We offer an onboarding session where we give you all the necessary details for using the service;
6. Your colleagues finish setting up their accounts within the app, and they can immediately book their desks.

What are the contractual obligations?

Pluria is a flexible service that can be activated or cancelled according to each company’s needs. The service can be cancelled with a 30 days notice period and can be activated in one day.

I like the concept, but the decision process in my company is rather complicated

Pluria is a new concept on the market, therefore we offer support to our clients in order to facilitate adoption by their company: from live demo onboarding sessions to digital content aimed at the human resources specialists and other decision makers within companies.

Additionally, we have a blog where we talk about current work and workplace trends, a monthly newsletter with the freshest and most relevant news about remote work, and also content that helps companies transition smoothly and seamlessly to a better work regime: How to Prepare for the Return to the Office, Productive Freedom for employees.