Force a return to the office and see your talent density drop

Andrei Crețu

2 minutes read

Even after vaccinations, we can’t pretend it’s 2019 all over again and force a full return to the office. Companies rushing to return to the old normal and bring everybody to the company’s headquarter will set themselves on a path to disaster. Not immediately, but soon.

Why? Because retaining and attracting new talent will get so much harder for them. All we need to do is think of ourselves having a choice between 2 jobs – similar roles, similar pay and benefits, but one allowing remote work and the other requiring a significant commute. Easy choice, right?

2021 is an inflection point. Whoever gets this right, goes on for a virtuous circle – more flexibility gives a boost to the employer brand, which helps attract better talent for the same cost, which in turn has higher value add to the business results and culture. Rigidity and shortsightedness is the other route.

The companies offering the greatest flexibility will win. Period. So don’t let your competitor lead the way, not this time. This time is too darn important.

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Written by Andrei Crețu

Co-Founder Pluria

Co-founder of Pluria and 7card, 10 years ago I left my career in management consulting for the uncertainties  and excitement of entrepreneurship.

  • Andrei Cretu: January 15 2021

    Ma bucur ca ne-am inteles, sincer sa fiu nici noi nu ne dorim sa lucram impreuna, daca asta este mentalitatea si abordarea in discutie :) Desigur, fiecare este liber sa aiba propria filosofie de business si sa o aplice (impuna) echipei. Eu doar iti sugerez sa nu confunzi productivitatea cu prezenta la birou. Daca ai incredere in angajati si le oferi mai multa libertate, atunci si tu ai de castigat. Evident, procesele si modelul de operare si guvernanta trebuiesc adaptate unui mod de lucru distribuit. Altfel, afla ca menta se poate freca si nasul se poate scarpina cu o eficienta foarte mare de oriunde, chiar si de la birou!

  • Lorand: January 12 2021

    Penibil! Dragule, daca pentru tine performanta inseamna sa muncesti in pijamale, fara contact direct, in timp ce te scarpini in nas si te uiti la televizor, afla ca in corporatiile performante o astfel de mentalitate nu a existat si nici nu va exista niciodata. Stii de ce? Pentru ca in corporatiile performante se plateste performanta, nu frecatul mentei. Incepand de azi Pluria nu mai are ce cauta printre partenerii nostri.

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