Let’s be more flexible for the common good

Oana Păuna

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Almost all of us work from home and we get used to it. I’ve worked in several companies looking for the perfect company, but I still haven’t found it. The schedule was not great, the colleagues fought with each other, the work tasks were more difficult than promised, the changes were the order of the day and so on. The perfect organization does not exist, I could hardly understand that, but I hoped a lot. However, I found something very close to the ideal organization, namely the flexible organization.

What is it, what are the advantages for an organization, how can we generate change towards such a model?

A flexible organization is one in which employees come first. I understood with difficulty that flexibility is something rare, almost impossible to find, and when you find it it is good to hold on to it. Where does this flexibility come from? Well, it comes from people, from colleagues and managers. Flexibility means care and empathy for the person next to you. If you help employees feel good in the company, they will have the expected results with less effort from managers. Fewer constraints, fewer remarks, fewer deadline negotiation meetings at the expense of more employee involvement.

A company where flexibility reigns is a company where you can answer the phone at any time without being reprimanded as long as you do not abuse, where you can talk openly with managers and ask to come or leave earlier without fear, where in general things are offered and not necessarily asked for in return. It is a place where kindness and friendship seem to reign, and high-level things go well without stress and tension between the employees at the base of the pyramid.

In a flexible organization you should feel almost at home, not to be afraid, but especially to feel that you work with friends. I felt this in a marketing agency where we spent our time in open-space, we went in groups to the kitchen to eat, we made coffee or tea and in general we didn’t seem to work separately, but we seemed to work together on a project like we did in high school at laboratory hours.

If everyone worked in such an organization where the emphasis is on the comfort of the individual, to feel good at work, the stress level would be reduced, and the results at work would be better. Some managers still do not understand that if they make their employees feel better during the program, the whole company has something to gain.

When people feel good where they work, they give their best and create an atmosphere of joy, contentment, but especially friendship that new employees feel and they integrate easier. Have you seen those doorkeeper making jokes with the receptionist? The waiters who laugh and joke with the maids, the managers who ask their subordinates how they feel or if they have a bad day, all contribute to creating a relaxed atmosphere at work. A relaxed atmosphere leads to better results and greater customer satisfaction.

Therefore, employees will work hard, and new employees will integrate much easier, but more, in the long run, employees can show a higher degree of retention. In short: if people feel better at work, it is normal to want to stay there as long as possible with the work team and under the logo of a certain company.

How can you grow rapidly as an organization during this period, is it still possible?

By creating a flexible work environment, people will come more relaxed and everything will be better. Welding team members should be the main goal of an organization. The better they understand, collaborate and implicitly communicate, the better the results will be and the happier the customers will be.

Managers and employees alike should understand that the workplace is not a place where people feel constrained, feel inferior and hate every moment spent there. That old saying “who likes work, but we have to do it” should disappear from the minds of employees. No one is forced to accept a job where they do not feel well, but should look for the right place. On the other hand, managers should create the environment in which people feel as good as possible and be emotionally connected to the team, projects, mission and purpose of the organization.

It should create a work environment based on collaboration, empathy and friendship so that efficiency and productivity along with motivation are indirect results of the environment and are achieved effortlessly. Moreover, the communication should be as transparent as possible, and the tasks and deadlines should be drawn as clearly as possible from the beginning.

What does a flexible organization mean to you?

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Written by Oana Păuna


Writing has always been my passion, and freelance is not a desire but a lifestyle. I value my freedom of choosing projects, timelines, and clients more than anything. I choose projects with which I resonate, and I always strive to leave an essential mark on them.

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