Hot Cities Driving You Crazy? Here Are 5 Tips to Planning the Perfect Workation

Octavia Drexler

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There’s nothing I hate more than July and August in the city. It feels like the entire place is running on sweat, melting pavements, and whatever Mordor’s built of. So I will happily get away and work from anywhere else that’s not made out of concrete and the tears of hundreds of thousands of people trying to race their way to and back from the office.

Apparently, this thing I’ve been doing for years has a name: workation. Which is like a vacation (because you’re somewhere nice), but with (a little bit) of work sprinkled in between sunbaths, hiking rounds, and grilling veggies.

How to plan for the perfect workation?

Here are 5 tips I’ve learned in 10 years of doing it.

Make sure there’s internet

This should come without saying, but alas, I’m known to have made the mistake of leaving home without making sure there’s an actual internet connection where I go. My bad: the city kid in me thinks you’ll either get an internet connection at your stay or, at the very worst case, you’ll have phone signal to create a hotspot.

Depending on where you’re heading, you will want to ask the hosts if they have a stable internet connection of sorts over there. Sounds like a basic question to ask in 2022, but some remote areas aren’t that well-connected, so it’s best to be sure.

Pack everything

I have a packing list saved on my computer of all the things I take with me whenever I go away for more than a day. My workation list includes, but is not limited to: laptop (including the charger and extension cord), notebooks, pens, headphones, work-related books, and any other materials I might need to get my work done.

Of course, this all depends on the type of work you do. If you’re a writer like me, all you really need is a laptop. But if you’re an illustrator and you use a graphic tablet, you ‘ll need to bring that along too.

The point is: make a list of everything you’ll need for work, and then pack it all up so you don’t have to think about it when you’re on your way out the door.

PS: Notion has changed my life when it comes to self-organization. But you can just as well use Trello, ClickUp, or just a simple notebook.

Haters gonna hate

There will always be people who think you’re not working because you’re on a workation. And that’s perfectly fine! You don’t need to prove anyone anything. Just because you’re out of the office, it doesn’t mean you’re not working.

There will also be friends side-eyeing you for working on vacation and constantly trying to get you away from the laptop. They might have all your best interests at heart, but even so, it can be frustrating.

The best thing you can do is to set boundaries from the get-go. Let people know that even though you’re on a workation, you will still be working (insert number of hours here) every day. This way, they’ll know not to bother you during those times.

Take time off too

What’s the point in going away if you can’t enjoy the location? Even though you’re on a workstation, make sure to schedule some time off to go explore.

If you have the luxury of an entire week off, I recommend taking one full day to do nothing but relax and enjoy where you are. But even if you only have a weekend, try to at least wake up a little bit later than usual and take your time with breakfast.

The work will still be there when you get back, I promise.

Plan your days

Don’t leave work for “when you’ll be in the mood for it.” Chances are that, no matter how much you love your work, you will still be more attracted by green pastures and romantic beach waves than sitting in front of a laptop for that one last email. So plan your days around your activities, in a way that includes the necessary amount of work too.

Going on workcations can be the perfect way to change up your scenery, get some fresh air, and disconnect from the hustle and bustle of city life – all while still being productive. Workations can help you reset and get the creative cogs running, they can help you enjoy the best this world has to offer, and they can help you create new and amazing memories.

What are you waiting for? Start planning your next workation today!

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Written by Octavia Drexler


Octavia is a content marketer with a knack for storytelling that sells. She’s been at this for the past ten years and she admits that 1) she’s still got a lot to learn and 2) she drinks way too much coffee and works way too late. She plans on writing a book that will help her retire before 45 and grow chicken and lavender somewhere… away.

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