When Employees Lose Trust in Managers

Georgiana Petcu

4 minutes read

When employees lose trust in managers

At a time when employers are looking for answers and testing various ways of working, leadership and how executives keep their teams together and motivated are extremely important, being decisive in the evolution of companies.

But what happens when the people appointed to lead the organization, responsible for the vision and direction in which it is heading, face acute exhaustion themselves or are unable to cope with current pressures?

Beyond new appointments due to contract termination, “Great Resignation” or the phenomenon we have all heard about a few months ago also affects the top management, along with employees with less responsibility, but enough to lead them to burnout. According to a study conducted by the recruitment firm Heidrick & Struggles in 2021, about 10% of the companies analysed in the first half of the year changed their CEO

In addition, PwC’s “Future of Work and Skills” survey conducted in September 2021 shows that employee confidence in managers has declined as a result of excessive fatigue and stress. The reason for exhaustion: many have failed to balance their personal lives with workload, especially in the context of working from home.

If before the pandemic, employees perceived differently the high-level changes in their company, the background is altered nowadays. The changes overlap with the transformations we have all gone through in the last year and a half, having the power to exacerbate the uncertainty that employees feel about employers’ ability to cope with the current situation.

On the other hand, the inherent challenges involve the opportunity to reinvent. It is time to redefine the way we work, by giving up outdated thinking systems and leaving room for new visions.

How can companies (re)gain the trust of their teams, as soon as possible and in the long run? That is the question.

Text source: the December newsletter, 2021. Read the full edition here or explore the previous ones.

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Written by Georgiana Petcu

Content Manager

With over 10 years of experience in communication and content creation, I am passionate about design, writing and visual storytelling. I like to paint stories in words and pixels and discover people who inspire us.

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