Why Working From A Coworking Space Makes People Thrive

Patricia Borlovan

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What do Instagram, Uber, Indiegogo, and Spotify have in common? Not the easy answer is “they are all apps and SaaS.” Yes, that’s correct, but beyond that? They have millions of people using the platform worldwide and are huge success stories. Again though, not that!

The founders all met in a coworking space.

Coworking spaces already rooted themselves in the start-up ecosystem, becoming biospheres that nurture relationships for lives inside – for the people. They’re best at facilitating connections between humans and giving them a safe place, and they continue to do so gracefully, even after the pandemic.

In this article, we will focus on why and how coworking spaces make people thrive the way they do. We will dive into some success stories and learn from people who made it with the help of coworking spaces and other benefits that coworking spaces have going for them.

1. You meet new people

Talking to new individuals is a wonderful technique to step outside of your comfort zone and attempt something new. You can practice your verbal communication abilities when conversing with folks from different backgrounds.

You’ll be more willing to try new things in life as you get more at ease talking. This could result in advantages for your personal and professional lives. This is what coworking spaces are really great at. There are many types of people for which these spaces are their go-to workplace.

Zioks made a funny article about coworking stereotypes, which we laughed at greatly. The good part is that, for most people, the common factor is the type of work they do and the industry – largely, coworkers are remote-first workers or entrepreneurs in the IT space. Everyone’s work language is very similar, so creating a meaningful connection is pretty easy!

But, maybe you identify as an introvert, and meeting new people is a cause of anxiety instead of energy. Don’t fret! Coworking isn’t just for social butterflies. Unexpectedly, introverts appreciate the environment of coworking as well. Even though some may prefer a more private setting, many still value the opportunity to network and mingle, even if they don’t always take it. After all, introverts experience loneliness too, and many prefer to have people around them when they work (as long as those others are not constantly trying to chat).

While coworking, you’ll encounter a lot of folks. Coworking offers a more interesting (but less stressful) environment and community than the office, regardless of whether one takes the benefits of a coworking space very seriously or thinks it is the most productive work environment.

2. You connect with people

One of the simplest truths of big success stories and great deeds is that human relationships are at the centre of everything.

How would Instagram have been created if Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger wouldn’t have been part of a coworking space? Would it have been created if they didn’t connect with like-minded people? Going beyond the professional aspect, it’s common to hear old people mention that “the friends they made along the way” in life are what really stick with you in the end.

But how do coworking spaces connect people? Many coworking spaces are designed collaboratively, meaning that interaction with other people is, by design, encouraged. Whether the office is an open space, the coffee and snacks area is in the middle area, or just by the relaxed ambiance, coworking spaces go out of their way to help people connect.

Certain things can help you form connections faster. One of the best ones is to attend coworking events. These spaces often host different events, either specific industry workshops or just fun, laid-back social nights. Attending these non-formal events when people are not in work mode is a great way to make a new connection.

3. You become part of the community

Most of us feel more satisfied when we feel part of a community, and luckily coworking spaces are well known for creating awesome ones.

If you’ve done most of your work from home during the past two years, you’ve most probably converted your kitchen table or other house corners into a temporary office workstation. You’re probably also aware of how efficiency and productivity might drop anytime. Despite all its drawbacks, traditional office environments provide ordinary workers with a framework and a location to concentrate on their work and boost productivity. People are growing weary of using their homes for work and a place to unwind and reflect after work due to businesses closing offices or implementing hybrid working arrangements.

A coworking space entails more than just locating a spot to set up the furniture. It promotes a sense of camaraderie among coworkers and helps to establish relationships based on trust. Work can be accomplished considerably more quickly by setting up a coworking space where you can get direct assistance from other people.

4. You have access to great setups

Last but not least, coworking spaces are packed with good tools.

Fast internet is a norm for almost all spaces and the number one thing when a new coworking space is set up. Check other people’s reviews before choosing the coworking space you want to be sure of!

Large desks and comfy, ergonomic desk chairs are also somewhat of a norm. Since people join the space to work, having a great furniture setup is essential for the long hours you will spend there.

Conference rooms or call rooms are also provided. While not every member can join a call simultaneously, there are usually enough closed rooms in which people can take on a call with a client or boss without the fear of being interrupted. Many spaces have a scheduling system for these rooms, so be aware of booking it in advance.

Snacks, coffee, and drinks! We need fuel to keep running throughout the day. Whichever drink of choice is, be it tea, coffee, or plain water, coworking spaces are stocked with them. Many spaces include these in the rental price, while others sell them to the members. Either way, hot coffee, and a croissant brighten up my day, any day.

So, do coworking spaces help people thrive? Absolutely. By helping people meet, connect and build a community around their shared interests, many leave with a smile at the end of the work day or, who knows, even with a new project!

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Written by Patricia Borlovan


I’m a freelance writer working with startups and B2B tech brands for more than 7 years helping them produce long-form content that drives traffic and engages readers.

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