Working From Argentina: From Getting Your Visa to Places You Can Visit

Lidia Mussato

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Ever thought of working remotely from Patagonia? The season is now officially open for digital nomads!

In case you’ve been thinking of working remotely from Argentina you must know that since May it has become a lot easier: the South American state joins the list of countries that offer a special type of visa for digital nomads.

According to statistics published by Nomadlist, an online platform that aggregates data provided by digital nomads from thousands of cities around the world, Argentina is the country that registered the fastest growth as a potential destination for digital nomads up until this moment of 2022.

Building on that interest, the Argentinian government launched in May a program that includes, besides a special type of electronic visa for digital nomads, benefits packages compiled especially for them. 

Basically, whoever wants to apply for this type of visa has to do it before arriving in the country by accessing the website of the National Authority for Migracion – Migraciones. The entire process (presenting the visa application form and the required documentation, and obtaining the actual visa) occurs exclusively online and the digital nomad visa is valid for 180 days. It can be renewed only once for another 180 days. You can find out more details by accessing the Migraciones website here.

At the same time, when the happy owner of a digital nomad visa arrives in Argentina they will also receive a Welcome Kit that includes:

  • A 40% discount for the airport shuttle service from Ezeiza Ministro Pistarini airport to the capital, Buenos Aires with transportation company Manuel Tienda León;  
  • Special prices for the first night of hotel stay in the capital; 
  • A SIM card – to tell your loved ones that you arrived safely;
  • A SUBE card – used to pay for the public transportation service in Buenos Aires (bus+metro)
  • Access to special hotel prices;

All together, complementing the facilities offered at a national level, the authorities of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires have created a dedicated web page aimed at the potential owners of a digital nomad visa. The Nomades Digitales BA website which is available in both English and Spanish provides all the information you need in case you decide to start working remotely from Buenos Aires. It is a thorough and detailed guide where you can find out what it is like to be living in this city, how you apply for your visa and other formalities, like where you can find the best coworking spaces and where you can find the form you need to fill in order to claim your promotional Welcome Kit. 

Buenos Aires has by far the highest density and widest variety of coworking spaces in Argentina – you can set your base camp there. And after you’ve settled in you can continue the adventure and start exploring, not only Patagonia but also the rest of this fascinating land, Argentina.

The short list of the places that we recommend you visit includes, depending on your budget one, several or all the options below:

  • Iguazu, in the north, on the border with Brazil and Paraguay – for the spectacular Iguazu waterfalls, jungle trekking, beef and Malbec wine;
  • Puerto Madryn, 1300 km south of the capital – for whales, dolphins, beef and Malbec wine;
  • Mendoza – for trekking in the Andes, olives, beef and Malbec wine;
  • Bariloche and El Calafate in Patagonia – for glaciers, trekking, beef and Malbec wine;
  • Ushuaia – for the Beagle canal, penguins, trekking, beef and the Malbec wine.

Now that I re-read my article I realize I might have exaggerated with my recommendations for beef and Malbec wine, but you will only understand why that happened if you go now to the Migraciones website and apply for a digital nomad visa for Argentina.

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Written by Lidia Mussato


I studied English and Spanish language and literature and translation was (and still is) my first love. Once, out of curiosity I took a job as a technical writer. Curiosity is what still drives me to look for fascinating stuff.

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