You are missing the office, aren’t you?

Anca Șerban

4 minutes read

With the growing vaccination of the population and the arrival of summer, many of us remember the happy days when going to the office was not an imposed ritual, but also an opportunity for socializing, starting new projects and focused work. We miss all the things that we lacked in the past year, but at the same time we are cautious when it comes to new changes.

Maybe you went to the office once or twice during the pandemic to find again the atmosphere you knew so well? How was it?

When we still had a physical office, I went there a few times thinking that I would work better and I could see the team again, but I had to admit I was disappointed, it was as “bad” as at working from home: the building was mostly empty, with a few colleagues isolating themselves in the basement or in the attic, you didn’t even know if you were totally alone in the building or there was still someone else. I came to the conclusion that I have changed the disadvantages of working from home for the disadvantages of working from the office, without any of the benefits I longed for.

Now we know a little more than last year: the pre-pandemic work experience will not return exactly the same, and the formal visits to the office do not help. How do we solve this paradox, in which we oscillate between maintaining a well-deserved benefit, such as work from home, and our needs to collaborate and express ourselves within a group, to be accepted and be recognized for our results?

I think this is one of the most important challenges for leaders in the near future: how do we manage the mentality change among employees, how do we prepare the return to the office so that it is a reunion of the team rather than a meeting with a few pieces of furniture?

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Written by Anca Șerban


Marketer and travel blogger, I specialized in “work from anywhere” in the past 3 years, traveling around the world and working remotely from other countries, whether it’s Latin America or Asia.

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